Why The Press Can't Sell ObamaCare Like They Sold Obama

There are several reasons the press will not be able to sell the American people ObamaCare like they sold us Obama himself.

In the case of Obama the press was able to control your lying eyes.

How many people actually saw the Rev Wright and his racist and anti-semitic tirades ? When people asked who Obama was the press was ready willing and able to say Obama was whatever they wanted him to be. They ignored or hid any facts, statements or Obama votes on dozens of subjects if they were not flattering of the candidate Obama's particular stance that particular day.

In the case of ObamaCare people already know what they have for health care and the great majority don't want it changed.

The press can go on and on about the 47 million BS number but if you have insurance you really don't care. Obama doesn't help his case when he starts out saying, "If you like your coverage, you'll get to keep it". That is like a GPS salesman starting out his sales pitch by saying, "This will not disable your car or make you drive out of the way to get to your destination". Everyones natural reaction to this is to pull back and ask "Why are you telling me something I would never have assumed in the first place."

Given that almost 50% of American now thinks Obama can't be trusted to keep his word its no wonder the press is having a tough time selling this clunker.

Its also difficult to pitch the idea that we will expand coverage for an additional 47 (bs) million people for less money than we spend today. It is also very difficult for the press to pitch with a straight face that we will spend more than we spend today but we won't have to tax anyone but the "evil rich" to pay for it.

Finally our lying eyes have seen what Obama said in the past and the weak tea response from the White House shows they don't have an answer and just hope it goes away. One national ad with that You Tube clip would be the end of this entire debate.

Jeff Carlson

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