Condolences to the Kennedy Family

Finally your shame is put to rest. The coward sibling of two great men is finally where he belonged years ago in that car instead of that innocent young woman.

He was a vicious lying bastard with his enemies while being a great Senator for Massachusetts. I am certain his pain was well deserved and I would hope to suffer as much should I ever commit the same acts of personal cowardice and cruelty.

His vicious intentional slander of Bork to further his own political agenda was a turning point in American politics. Here was a man who had nothing to lose and so changed forever the role of politicians in conducting a civil discourse with opponents.

Here was man who killed a young woman in steady, deliberate steps, first by his reckless driving while intoxicated, then his refusal to call for assistance, then his refusal to allows others to call and finally in his attempt to cover it all up. Finally, the death he so richly deserved has taken him.

Nothing he has done in his life can ever atone for his acts of cowardice and deceit from that night. I have always felt sorry for the Kennedy family knowing that they probably wished he had also died that night trying to save Mary Jo rather than being forced to live with the shame of his cowardice which year after year has tarnished the memory of his brothers sacrifice for their country while he sacrificed another for his own career.

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