Another Intellectual Better Takes Palin to Task ...

Palin's Comments on Death Boards Mr. Smith at NRO ...

Mr. Smith writes, "True, Palin would be a more effective critic of Obamacare if she didn't write like a college-student blogger. But her concerns are legitimate and substantive. And that shouldn't be lost in the criticism of her lexicon."

Wow ... Mr. Smith you really are an intellectual blowhard.

If you really think that you and your "lexicon" are the better messengers for conservative ideas then its easy to understand why we have lost the last 2 election cycles. Your professional and non-hyperbolic language gets beaten every time by the thugs on the left because they don't fight fair and you can't fight at all.

You have been in a leadership position tasked with getting the message out and yet we conservatives have gotten beaten badly. Guess what, you lost, twice. Maybe you don't know what you are talking about. Just a thought ...

Jeff Carlson

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