Top Seller in Cash for Clunkers Program is SUV !!!

Trucks win in Cash for Clunkers game

Turns out that the 2 of the top 3 sellers in the CFC programs are the Ford Escape and the Jeep Patriot. Apparently because vehicles like the Escape and the Patriot have multiple models the government counts each model separately. Damn lies and statistics again. The Ford F-150, a full sized truck, comes in 5th.

So let me get this straight, just looking at the top 10 vehicles, the Cash for Clunkers program is
boosting the sales of Ford (4), Honda (1), GM (3), Jeep (1), Dodge (1) and Toyota (1).

By my count taxpayer owned companies are seeing 50% of the sales, foreign companies are
seeing 20% and Ford is getting 40%.

Actually in the world of government efficiency I'd say the 50% payback is probably as good as
we can expect.

Jeff Carlson

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