The Swiftboat Metaphor

The Swiftboat Metaphor by Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO ...

To quote Mr. Ponnuru, "I think the parallel holds up. A mixture of true, false, and partly-true-but-hyperbolic claims are being made against a liberal cause, and liberals are for the most part using the false criticisms to avoid dealing with the valid ones."

He of course never details the false claims made by the SwiftBoat veterans. That may be because they were no claims proven false. Hyperbolic claims maybe but none were proven false and plenty of them were proven true. This is simply accepting that Swiftboating is a smear and that is lazy BS that should never appear in NRO.


  1. Ramesh is apparently as uninterested and ignorant as he is unfazed by the excoriation of the Swiftvets and their honor at the hands of the ever-petulant left.

    Thanks for standing up for a group of vets who stood, once again, for America and saved our collective bacon from the nightmare of a Kerry presidency.

    Imagine the groundwork that might have been laid for Obama with a 2 term Kerry presidency? Now America is getting the socialist medicine in one LARGE dose...and they ain't swallowing.

  2. No one's here because your an idiotic parrot of the corporate agenda.

  3. Funny but aren't the drugs companies and the insurance companies and the AMA and AARP all on Obama's side on this ?

    Seems to me that its Obama thats on the side of the corporate interests here ...

    Jeff Carlson