Gun Control Is Hitting Your Target

NY City Version ...

I used to live at 123rd street between Maxlcom X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The first Saturday after moving there police had a shoot out with a prison guard after he shot is ex-girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend several blocks away. They chased him several blocks and cornered him in front of the brownstone where we rented an apartment. We awoke to 9mm gun fire outside our first floor bedroom windows and 30 seconds later the police were pounding on our front door (we had a separate entrance) checking to be sure we were unharmed. Apparently the guy refused to drop his gun and raised it towards the half dozen officers that had cornered him. We were trapped in our apartment for the next 4 hours while the dead body lay outside our front gate on the sidewalk.

Welcome to Harlem :)

(Actually this was a random event that could have occurred anywhere or at least wherever the ex-girlfriend lived, he came looking for her.)

Jeff Carlson

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