Obama's Unclenched Fist

Obama's unclenched fist to the Iranians and Chavez ...

Obama's unclenched fist to the Supreme Court and Republicans ...

Obama at the GOP Summit ...

Always remember when Obama speaks on camera without his telepromter he boxes himself in.   The best lines from the Obama campaign in '08 have become the very things that are killing him today.  The more he promises the more he looks bad in the future.  The more he moderates on camera the more the left goes nuts.

It doesn't matter if Obama looked better than the GOP today.  He made statements and claims that can be checked and re-checked for months to come.  He is a walking contradiction and no matter how well he presents himself eventually that shows thru.


The State of the Unicorn - O-6bama the Great Black Hope

Obama is the like a great farm team player being promoted to the majors.  All the scouts (the MSM) raved about his long ball and opposing pitchers (Clinton, McCain) refused to challenge him.  Now we are late in the game (his first year) and there is no pitching around him. 

So what happens ? 

He steps up to the plate twice (Virginia and New Jersey) and strikes out in 3 pitches.  

Just a couple bad at bats all the pundits proclaim. 

In the field at the bottom half of the inning 2 simple ground balls (Copenhagen x 2) bounce thru his legs for errors. 

Those balls must have hit a rock proclaim the pundits.

Now later in the game with the bases loaded and 2 outs Obama again steps up to the plate (State of the Union/Unicorn).  Everyone just knows Obama will choke up on the bat and punch a single thru the infield to score the winning runs.  Everybody is certain because Obama is such a smart player and he got smoked the last two times up on three straight pitches.

So what does this brilliant player do ?  He must have learned a lesson from his last at bat ?

Three pitches later and three flailing swings later Obama strikes out badly chasing three balls in the dirt.

Gee, maybe those original scouts (the MSM) saw Obama hit some dying quail singles in the minors and thought they saw line drives.  Maybe his fly outs were always against the wind and the scouts were sure he's hit them out of the park in the majors.

All I see is that he is big talking (I've got game) rookie who chokes EVERY SINGLE TIME the pressure has been on him in the majors.  His excuses are all valid reasons for a player not to perform except that no other player has ever had ALL of those things go wrong at the same time in the history of the game. 

It appears he may have gotten his Rookie of the Year picture taken even before the season began and now he'll lucky to finish the season as a starter.

Updated:  O-5bama is now O-6bama (NY KSM trial to move)


The Political Color Pundits of the Right

Much of commentary on Right lately feels alot like the color man of a baseball broadcast trying to show just how smart he is.  Lots of statistics, lots of "inside scoops" from anonymous "staffers" on the hill.  Wow, you guys have contacts in the know.

What I'm not seeing enough of is ideas to beat Obamacare.  THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT.  These "pundits" seem to be more interested in playing games because apparently they can't stay focused on the task at hand.

This Red on Red fragging going on at too many of the right side of the blogosphere is simply nonsense on stilts and needs to stop.

Who gives a damn who is or isn't going to CPAC ?

We need millions of people to get out to the polls in November to stop Obama and all you guys can write about is who is attending CPAC ?

See, now you've made me waste 30 minutes and a blog post ...

Of course nobody reads my blog so it doesn't make one bit of difference.  

What excuse does AmSpec or Dan Riehl have for fixating on Palin and CPAC ?

Great leadership guys ...  great ...


A Belated Movie Review of Aliens, the movie ...

Ok, its not really a review, more of a list of questions ...  let's get started ....

1) Look at the size of that spaceship ...  HUGE ...  with no crew ???  That's right, no crew.  How does that make sense ?  Nobody to help out from space in case you run into trouble down on the planet.  What could go wrong ?

2) They know there were 125 colonists.  Ripley has told them them use humans as hosts.  So they have to assume there are 125 aliens at the location.  So why would the company and the military send a dozen Marines ?  A dozen ???  Really showing alittle too much confidence in those jarheads I'd say.  What, not enough room in that ginormace spaceship ?

3)  They know from Ripley that these beasts have acid for blood.  So what sort of ammunition would you choose to shoot into big bags of acid ?  EXPLODING ROUNDS of course.  Why would you want to use simple bullets ? 

4) The Marines body armor ???   Did they expect the aliens to shoot stuff at them ?  Of course the stuff was USELESS against acid.  Nothing like matching your equipment to the job at hand.  (also see #3 above)

and finally ...

5)  What's up with the sleep chambers ?  Is the trip that long ?  I mean wouldn't it have to be years long to make putting you too sleep worth it ?  Do you really need to sleep thru a 2 week trip ?  A trip that you'll be going into a potential big gun fight at the end of ?

The Ghost