The Top 5 ObamaCare Lies ...

46 million Uninsured Americans
- this number includes illegal aliens, poor folks eligible for Medicare who have not signed up, people on Medicare or Medicaid who misreported to the government and healthy people who choose not to buy insurance. Everyone has access to health care, nobody is turned away with a serious illness. The real number is closer to 15 million. Yes, get really sick and you could go bankrupt. Still better than dead.

The Public Option Will Increase Competition - just like it did for Fannie and Freddie competitors, Amtrak and the post office.

Preventive Medicine Saves Money - look up the studies, they all say no. So does the CBO. This is not a reason not to do Preventive Medicine its just not a way to find new money to finance ObamaCare.

Bending The Cost Curve Down Will Not Lead To Rationing - if we spend more we'll save money, right ???

Special Interests Are Resisting Reform - turns out that all of the special interests are working WITH Obama on this.

I don't provide links because if you don't believe me please go research it yourself, you'll find the truth. If you don't believe me and don't go research it yourself you were never looking for the truth anyway and are just an Obama drone. If you do believe you should STILL go look it up for yourself. Don't trust me any more than you should trust Obama.

I call them lies because Obama knows they are not true and repeats them anyway.

Jeff Carlson

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