Ding Dong The Stick is Dead

The Mann Hockey Stick that is ...

Finally, the proof that it was always a hoax ...


The World is Inside Obama's OODA Loop

The OODA Loop is the concept was developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd. From wikipedia:

"According to Boyd, decision-making occurs in a recurring cycle of observe-orient-decide-act. An entity (whether an individual or an organization) that can process this cycle quickly, observing and reacting to unfolding events more rapidly than an opponent, can thereby "get inside" the opponent's decision cycle and gain the advantage."

At this point I think world and domestic events have gotten inside of Obama's OODA Loop and he is spinning out of control. Basically he has too many complex balls in the air at once and he is in real danger of dropping them all.

Lets look at the list:
  • ObamaCare (self imposed event)
  • Cap and Trade (self imposed event)
  • Trade War with China (self imposed event)
  • Afghanistan
  • US Economy
  • Stimulus Package (self imposed event because he made it a big deal)
  • North Korean nukes (remember those guys)
  • Iranian nukes
  • Russia in Georgia
  • Strained relations with Poland and Czech (self imposed)
  • Strained relations with Britain (self imposed event)

Notice something ... much of Obama's stress is self imposed ... he really has no clue how much he is capable of handling ... I think the world already thinks he is over his head and many of our opponents are pushing hard to crack him ...


The Most Transparent Administration

"I have the most transparent administration in galactic history, oops, I mean in world history, oops again, I mean in G*d Da*n Amerikkkan history" - BH Obama


In The Dark

We, the American people, would still be in the dark about this second nuclear site if Iran had not gone public with it. Obama would never have put out that joint statement otherwise.

Just think about what this means.

We will hear about an Iranian nuke when Iran either detonates it or announces it. I'm glad I moved out of NYC.

Profile in Courage

From the WSJ ...

So let me get this straight.

In a historic first the President of the United States chairs the UN Security Council to discuss and pass a resolution about nuclear proliferation and he waits until the next day in PITTSBURGH to announce we have caught the Iranians red handed.

What a profile in courage.


Obama 's Dreams May Have Been Co-Written by Ayers

Over at American Thinker ...

The money quote from the book:

"In the end, Ayers's contribution to Barack's Dreams of My Father would be significant--so much so that the book's language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers's own writing."

The con man mask is slipping ...


Reiham Salam is Confused

Reiham Salam at NRO makes the argument that fee-for-service is the problem in our healthcare system today.

So the simple free market concept of accepting a fee for a service is the problem. He argues that outcomes are what counts. Of course he is right, in a free market economy the outcome is the measure that people use to determine what services they will spend their own hard earned money on.

But when Peter the consumer goes to Mike the doctor and spends Paul the insurance company money on his health care that free market concept is no longer in effect.

The problem is not fee for service, it is your fee for my use of his service. In other words my outcome is paid for by your fee for someone else's service. That's not the free market.

Like I said confused ...

I Want My Representative to Be Censored ...

Anyone I send to Congress should be willing to stand up and break the rules of decorum once in a while when confronted with the obvious lies spewed out daily on the floor of the House and the Senate.

Anyone who can sit calmly by and listen to some of the outright lies being spoken without fighting back doesn't deserve to be in the job.


When an Excise Tax is Not a Tax

When you are The WON you get to make up the definition of a tax ... even when its called a tax you can just say its not ... sweet ... I never knew the President had that power ... Its like the force is with him ... These aren't the taxes you are looking for, he says while waving his hand in front of Americas face ...


Has Russia Vetted Obama and His Czars ?

We know that Obama is either not vetting his people very well or just doesn't care about their radical past.

But the Russians are sure to have done their own vetting on Obama and his staff and you can be sure if their is anything embarrassing or shady there the Russians will be sure to use it to leverage Obama in any negotiations.

They might even hand over some stuff to the Iranians to allow their "client" to put the squeeze on Obama when we sit down with the Iranians.

The MSM may be able to keep a lid on things here but I'm certain the Russians know more about our President than we do.

If ObamaCare Was Applied to Auto Insurance

If the same logic The Won uses to sell ObamaCare was applied to auto insurance:

  • Auto insurance would cost the same for a 17 year old and a 35 year old ...
  • There would be no discount for a safe driving record ...
  • It would cost the same for a Mercedes and a Yugo ...
  • No matter how many accidents you have your premium will never go up ...
  • No matter how may accidents you had coverage could not be denied ...
  • People without a drivers license would still be required to buy it ...
  • You can purchase it after you've had an accident ...
  • It would pay for a brake job, a fill up and a car wash ...

The Sound of the Channel Being Changed All Over America

This morning with The Won putting his act on 5 Sunday morning shows folks will be channel surfing to find a show WITHOUT Obama on it. Even his supporters who sat for one pep rally will be looking for something else this morning.

The man really does believe that repeating his distortions (aka lies) again and again will make human nature and economic reality change.

Unlike most con men he has never had to pick his marks carefully. He has always been able to sell his snake oil in the liberal cocoon of Columbia, Harvard or Chicago. Now his snake oil is being sold to a wider audience and he is starting to look like a carnival act, trying to hawk a stuffed bear.

Everything is a nail and he thinks he's the hammer.


I Am Stacy McCain

I of course am no Stacy McCain in skills, following or reach.

The Other McCain: Point Three: Charles Johnson will regret it but once, and that will be continuously

I have not been the target of an unfortunate smear by LGF but having been banned from LGF for asking about Global Warming position from that "scientist" CJ I have a small understanding of McCain's situation and anger.

Little Green Footballs has degenerated into a hollow shade of its former self and I predict it will be considered a lefty blog by the 2010 midterm elections.


Obama Has Already Broken His Tax Pledge

I keep seeing everyone talk about how Obama will break his tax pledge to finance ObamaCare.

HE ALREADY BROKE IT ... with his cigarette tax.

90+% of smokers are in the less than 250K income bracket.

here is the math ...

.9*18 billion packs of cigarettes/year in the US * 62 cents per pack increase ...

That is over 10 BILLION dollars in new taxes per year ...

the bottom 50% paid 32 billion in income tax in 2007 ...

Good Job Honduras

Its nice to see someone giving Obama the finger.

Democrats - The Projection Party

I am simply amazed at the number of times Democrats accuse others of doing exactly what they are going to do or have already done.

Tea party's are astroturf according to the EXPERTS (the Dems) in astroturf. Look at all of the paid Obamacare supporters that showed up at townhalls all over America.

Obama claimed that the Bush Justice Department was politicized. Yet his Justice Department has done more blatantly political moves in 8 months than Bush's Justice Department did in 8 years.

Liars assume everyone is a liar, con men assume everyone is conning them and Obama is showing a classic case of projection.


Van Jones - Another Race Hustler

Van Jones is yet another race baiting hustler who has risen to prominence among liberals based on his ability to turn a phrase.

Van Jones is an empty suit, like Obama, who is even more anti-white and anti-capitalism than his Un-American Idol Obama. He specifically stated that he went to Yale Law School because he would be guaranteed to graduate as soon as he was accepted because they don't give out grades.

Thats what I call a go getter ....


A Feature NOT a Bug ...

The radical past of Van Jones was a FEATURE to the Obama White House, not a bug. They wanted him because he was a radical.

Van Jones Resigns

From the AP

2 am Sunday morning ??? ... no late day Friday release for this, the White House is really hoping this goes away ...


3,000 Pages and Counting

This Politico articles says that President Obama has uttered over 670,000 words in public since Jan. 20th.

Thats about 3,000 pages or about 5 copies of a Harry Potter paperback.

The dud, I mean dude, does like to hear himself talk.

The Not Ready for Prime Time President

The Not Ready for Prime Time President

Wait a minute. Wasn't Obama the smart guy. Smart guys are always good managers, right. I mean the fact that he had zero experience at actually managing any operation should not be held against him.



Beating Up Honduras - Trying At Least

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Beating Up Honduras

If anyone needs further proof that Obama is not as smart as people thought this is certainly pretty good evidence.

Some might think that Obama should pick on someone his own size but I actually think he's going to lose this fight badly, very badly.


School Boards in the Dark ?

Michelle Malkin finds that the White House went around the School Boards to announce their Sept. 8th speech directly to Principals.