Why I Can't Be a Democrat ...

Lately I have been trying to examine why it is that I have never considered becoming a Democrat and I think I have hit on the reason.

When I look at various Democrat policies I find them very appealing on a personal level.
If I was a minimum wage worker I would love a "raise" in the minimum wage.
If I was someone who was without health insurance I would love to be able to buy insurance after I got sick.
If I was a middle class worker I would love the idea of high taxes on the rich.

It occurs to me that the appeal of the policies of the Democrats only work on a personal level. When applied to the country as a whole there are foreseeable negative consequences that outweigh the apparent positives. Unfortunately as individuals it is often difficult to see the forest from the trees.

Thomas Sowell says that politicians are always promising to solve problems for us that they can't actually solve. They promise the impossible, we elect them, they fail, they blame someone or something else and again promise to solve the impossible, again.

My political policy preferences are driven by my own real world experiences or the experiences that I have knowledge of. None of the Democrats major policy goals will work in the real world and have actually failed whenever they have been enacted at the local, state or federal level. Yet Democrats keep getting elected and keep lying about what they can solve.

How about they let me solve my own problems.

Jeff Carlson

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