Van "The Red" Jones - The White House Communist

Over at The American Spectator a piece on Van Jones.

Funny how the moderate Obama can't seem to find a single moderate to work for him. A house full of radicals, communists or race baiters.

No wonder Beck's rating are rocking. He's shining the light on these guys and its not looking pretty. Hows that Bash Beck campaign going over at Little Green Footballs ? Seems like the guys at LGF should stick to forged documents.

One of my favorite books "The Tactics of Mistake" by Gordon R. Dickson gives a great example of how you can get a good picture of someones character. I'm paraphrasing here but basically it says you can't depend on a person to show you their true self because they may be able to mask or hide it with actions or words designed to do just that. But the people they surround themselves with won't be able to mask their true selves and by looking at what sort of people a person surrounds themselves with you can get a truer picture of their values than by going on their words and actions.

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