Advice for Palin

Be like the LPGA ...

Everywhere you land a speaking gig hand out a check to a local charity. Maybe the local Special Olympics ? Can't hurt.


The Obama Eulogy to Ted Kennedy

Today we honor our dear friend and colleague Ted Kennedy, Teddy to his fellow senators, Teddy K. to his staff and The Big KY to the interns.

We all have touching stories about Ted, stories of how he touched us in so many ways. As I look out among your saddened faces I am touched by this outpouring of love and regret that so many of Ted's nieces where not able to be here today. Many nights I would see Ted engaged in his tireless outreach to the younger generation as he would explain the subtle nuances of the law to one of his many nieces and their friends over a bottle of wine and a few well deserved cocktails in a private dining room.

Teddy was also a great friend to many of us in the Senate who was always willing to share some subtle way to write or evade some sticky law that had entangled one of us. As Teddy always said, money can't buy happiness but it sure can buy alot of scotch and a few acquittals.

Teddy was a loving and devoted father and a husband to so many women that time does not permit a proper acknowledgment. So to was Teddy's tireless advocacy for parallel monogamy which he worked at his entire adult life with the hope that someday men across America could be free of the crushing burdens of simple monogamy.

There were times last year during the campaign when Teddy's advice was like an anchor for my troubled ship. I'll never forget what he said the day he endorsed me, "Barack, he said, when things look the darkest and you need to talk your way out of some boneheaded move you made just remember that it never hurts to wear a neck brace, it worked for me".

Thus it is fitting that one of the first shovel ready projects that the stimulus package financed was a new bridge over Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island, this one with extra strong guard rails. Never again will an American politician have a sure presidential victory snatched from him by the cruel fates.

I would like to ask all Americans to remember that Ted Kennedy was able to work for his entire career because of the wonderful health care system in America. How many Americans could have made it into work every day as Teddy did after drinking the amount of booze that guy could drink. I don't think many of you could do it and I'm sure we are all astounded that his liver managed to function this long, it was truly a medical miracle. It is a testament to Teddy's focus on health care that the first number on his speed dial was his doctor instead of his lawyer like the rest of us here on capital hill. So just remember when you have a car accident or are falling down drunk, "What Would Teddy Do", WWTD.

In closing I would like everyone to remember that Ted Kennedy was a tireless advocate for the weakest among us, for those without a voice to speak for themselves and those who depend on us for protection, the illegal aliens among us. God bless the wetbacks.

Thank you for your support, God and I bless you ...

We WON !!!

Van "The Red" Jones - The White House Communist

Over at The American Spectator a piece on Van Jones.

Funny how the moderate Obama can't seem to find a single moderate to work for him. A house full of radicals, communists or race baiters.

No wonder Beck's rating are rocking. He's shining the light on these guys and its not looking pretty. Hows that Bash Beck campaign going over at Little Green Footballs ? Seems like the guys at LGF should stick to forged documents.

One of my favorite books "The Tactics of Mistake" by Gordon R. Dickson gives a great example of how you can get a good picture of someones character. I'm paraphrasing here but basically it says you can't depend on a person to show you their true self because they may be able to mask or hide it with actions or words designed to do just that. But the people they surround themselves with won't be able to mask their true selves and by looking at what sort of people a person surrounds themselves with you can get a truer picture of their values than by going on their words and actions.


Does Harsh Interrogation Work ?

To anyone who thinks that harsh interrogation (torture to liberals) can't work I would like to posit a simple example.

Of course if I just wanted you to admit to a crime you didn't commit then of course you'll say whatever it takes to make it stop. So harsh methods will certainly "get" a confession from you. But a confession is not what I want. I want your atm pin code. I know you have one.

I'll bet that if you give me 2 days I can get you to give up the pin code to your atm card.

You may think that you can just lie about it at first. But when I come back after going to the atm with your card (you'll still be tied up :) I'll be alittle more "forceful". We'll continue this until you break.

So in the end I'll have your pin code.

Substitute pin code for some other valuable information that a terrorist will certainly have. No matter what he tells you you can check it out and verify the truthfulness of it. Lying does not make it stop. Oh no, lying actually can make things much worse.

So for all of you "torture never works" deep thinkers, I think you don't know what you are talking about.

Fyi, I won't need to lay a finger on you to get the pin code. On a terrorist on the other hand I might use a couple of fingers.

The Other McCain: John Batchelor: Elitist

The Other McCain: John Batchelor: Elitist

Yet another pinhead, egghead "pundit" on the right who has a way too high of an opinion of their intelligence.

Incompetent - Obama ? - Isn't He Smart ?

Given all of his prior experience this is truly shocking. A carousel of incompetence - Washington Times.

A Real Blood for Oil Deal

Apparently you can put a price on a life. Or on 270 of them. Revealed: Lockerbie link to oil exploration deal - Times Online.

Obama is a Genius - Really He Is

At least with Biden you could easily tell when he was lying to you.

Of course with Obama it now seems that EVERYTHING was a lie so I guess it's now easy with him as well. You know the whole "if his lips are moving" thing ...

or whenever he says:

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear" (it won't be clear and he will be lying)
"As I have always said" (Usually it was exactly the opposite)
"As I said before" (Usually he's never said it before)


Let's Emulate the Cuban Health Care System

Over at Michelle Malkin she calls out another moonbat Congressional Democrat ...

Rep. Diane Watson is simply another nasty racebaiting lame excuse for a human being ...

People actually elected this woman ???

Health Care Debate Thoughts

I hear pro-obamacare folks talk about the people being forced into bankruptcy because of medical costs. In every case I've heard they all have one thing in common, THEY ARE ALL ALIVE. They are now broke but alive. In most other countries of the world, including Canada and Britain they would be dead. Pretty good deal ... alive and currently broke vs. dead.

I've also heard the argument that we need to cover the uninsured and doing so will save us money. First off there is NOBODY IN AMERICA TODAY that can't get medical treatment in nearly any hospital. Guess what, WE ALREADY F**KING PAY for these people with our current health care system. So adding them to an insurance plan won't cost any less.

In fact if you add up the total costs of health insurance premiums and all government programs today you will find that adding millions of healthy 20 somethings under a mandate will increase the total costs to everyone by billions of dollars. 10 million at $300/month = $36 billion a year extra. Guess who benefits, either insurance companies or politicians with the public option. Either way we get screwed ...

Salam Slams Kennedy - who knows ???

The Agenda on National Review Online

To quote Mr. Salam:

"There are many who believe that Kennedy was less an American hero than a
reckless scoundrel who was directly responsible for the death of Mary Jo

If liberals and could come to grips with the fact that he was both in their
eyes I'd be happy but alas that is not to be for a great majority of the

But on to productive questions ... because noticing that the "Lion of the
Senate" and the leading health care liberal in a generation was a drunken
womanizing fool on top of being a manslaughtering coward does nobody any
good. When you marched behind that elephant of a man the sh*t you had to
pick up must be unbelievable.

The Other McCain: Have you ever noticed how reasonably each incision is delivered?

The Other McCain: Have you ever noticed how reasonably each incision is delivered?

Consider this and the IRS reporting requirements in the Health Care bills which for the first time will allow the IRS to share your tax data with other branches of government.

F**k you mr. president ... time for you to write another book and quit trying to become the American version of NorK's Kim K.

The Other McCain: If it was OK for Ted Kennedy to joke about killing Mary Jo Kopechne . . .

The Other McCain: If it was OK for Ted Kennedy to joke about killing Mary Jo Kopechne . . .

Love the hearse off the bridge picture ...

Here's a Chappaquiddick joke for you:

I'll bet Obama is relieved that Teddy K's not "driving" his health care reform thru Congress anymore.

Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy by Charles Krauthammer

Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy by Charles Krauthammer on National Review Online

Another well thought out article by Dr. K ... I am especially chilled by the last section:

"Isn’t there a catch? Of course, there is. This scheme is the ultimate bait-and-switch. The pleasure comes now, the pain later. Government-subsidized universal and virtually unlimited coverage will vastly compound already out-of-control government spending on health care. The financial and budgetary consequences will be catastrophic.

However, they will not appear immediately. And when they do, the only solution will be rationing. That’s when the liberals will give the FCCCER regulatory power and give you end-of-life counseling."

Greed is Good ...

Milton Friedman schools Phil Donahue ...

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades

Weekend at Teddy's

I predict that the name Ted Kennedy will be brought up some much in the next 2 months that we will half expect to see Ted propped up in the background somewhere in support of whatever speaker is at the podium.

These people are ghouls who elevated a man-slaughtering drunk bastard to the top of liberal leadership and they will not hesitate to sully what little good name he has in their attempt to garner more power.

For g*ds sake, Teddy did everything but actually murder someone on TV and no-one, not his family, not the voters of Massachusetts nor the Democrat party raised a finger or voice to stop him so why should they hesitate to use him once again.


An Ugly Automobile Accident ? AYFKM !!!

In his eulogy to Ted Kennedy in Time, Ted Sorensen writes:

“Both a plane crash in Massachusetts in 1964 and the ugly automobile accident on Chappaquiddick Island in 1969 almost cost him his life, and the Chappaquiddick incident ultimately ended his bright prospects for still higher office.”

The callous disregard for the woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, who actually, you know, died a horrible death by drowning in that "ugly automobile accident" is beyond belief. She was ignored to death that night and again she is being ignored by people who know better. Silence = Acceptance

It is this sort of thing that proves again and again that you have to sell your soul to be a member of the Democrat party in America today.

Condolences to the Kennedy Family

Finally your shame is put to rest. The coward sibling of two great men is finally where he belonged years ago in that car instead of that innocent young woman.

He was a vicious lying bastard with his enemies while being a great Senator for Massachusetts. I am certain his pain was well deserved and I would hope to suffer as much should I ever commit the same acts of personal cowardice and cruelty.

His vicious intentional slander of Bork to further his own political agenda was a turning point in American politics. Here was a man who had nothing to lose and so changed forever the role of politicians in conducting a civil discourse with opponents.

Here was man who killed a young woman in steady, deliberate steps, first by his reckless driving while intoxicated, then his refusal to call for assistance, then his refusal to allows others to call and finally in his attempt to cover it all up. Finally, the death he so richly deserved has taken him.

Nothing he has done in his life can ever atone for his acts of cowardice and deceit from that night. I have always felt sorry for the Kennedy family knowing that they probably wished he had also died that night trying to save Mary Jo rather than being forced to live with the shame of his cowardice which year after year has tarnished the memory of his brothers sacrifice for their country while he sacrificed another for his own career.


The Last Ethanol Post

The purpose of this article is to put to rest once and for all the fantasy that ethanol can have a major impact in energy independence. It can't and here is why.

Land ... Land ... Land ...

It doesn't matter if it costs less than a gallon of gas to produce, which it certainly does not. It doesn't matter if it emits less CO2, which it doesn't. What matters is that we cannot grow enough of any crop to produce enough ethanol to cover more than a fraction of our fuel needs.

Its not that we are incapable of growing things, its that we don't have enough land to grow it on.

Simple math with undisputed numbers will show that its is pure folly to consider ethanol for more than a fraction of our fuel needs.

So, lets get to it. First, the basics. Current output per acre is 150 bushels per year. At 2.7 gallons of ethanol per bushel we get 405 gallons of ethanol per acre per year. You all still with me ?

Our current gas and diesel consumption is 500 million gallons per day. Given the energy difference between ethanol and gas/diesel of .7 we see that 100% ethanol fuel would require 714 million gallons of ethanol per day, 257 billion gallons per year.

10% of that, 25.7 billion gallons would require 92,000 square miles of farmland at 697 acres per square mile. 25% would require 230,000 square miles. 100% would require 920,000 square miles.

Lets talk about that in terms of Iowas, 10% = 1.6 Iowas, 25% = 4.12 Iowas, 100% = 16.49 Iowas. Or in terms of Californias, 10% = .56 Californias, 100% = 5.6 Californias. That is every square inch of land in use, no land used for anything else, like housing or roads and such.

Now lets compare that to the current amount of land used for all farmland, including feedstock, is about 500,000 square miles. We currently farm 72,000,000 acres of corn (103,000 sq. miles), 80%of which is used for feedstock.

So to get to about 50% ethanol fuel supply we would have to stop growing all other agriculture. Imagine what food prices would be then. We could of course farm new acerage for this corn but given that farmland has been shrinking I don't see how that would be possible.

Now given that it requires trucks to move the corn from the field to the plant 50% ethanol would require 145,000 extra trucks on the road every day of the week, 52 weeks a year. All burning something, ethanol or diesel, all producing CO2.

Anyone that believes that ethanol can be anything more than a boutique vehicle fuel is either a fool or in the pocket of big corn.


Democratic Thugs Target Health Insurers - Carrie Budoff Brown and Mike Allen

Democratic Investigators Target Health Insurers - POLITICO.com

I'm sure none of that information will EVER get leaked to embarrass any company that resists the WON's ObamaCare plans.

Jeff Carlson

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Six of One, Half a Dozen of The Other

Death Panel or Life Panel ?

The proposed panels would not choose who dies. Death comes from life, sometimes it is random, sometimes its not so random. I think of it like a firing squad, we are all eventually lined up against the wall for the fates and Mother Nature to take shots at. What these panels will do is decide who is given a reprieve from standing at the wall.

Today we try to keep everyone from standing at the wall for as long as possible.

So maybe they are not technically death panels but life panels are just the other side of the same coin and no government official should be involved.

Jeff Carlson


The NRO Editorial Board and Lowry Don't Get It ...

Palin Was Right...

What I took Andy McCarthy to mean in his post was that the editors should have keep their mouths shut about Palin and been thankful that she took the load of cr*p for bringing up the medical panels. NRO did nothing serious to bring it too light and would have gone down saying "tisk, tisk I'm sure they don't mean to unplug granny".
Palin pointed out that the "result" will be a dead grandmother. The NRO board tries to say there is a difference between cutting off the funding for the electricity and unplugging granny. There is and only an egghead elitist would give a da*n about the ever so subtle difference.

I hope Andy gives it to Lowry with both barrels.

Jeff Carlson
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The Wrong Obama ...

The wrong Obama is pitching health care reform.

After all wasn't it Michelle Obama that worked as a senior executive at a big city hospital for the last decade ? I would imagine when the talk around the Obama dinner table went to health care it was Michelle that was the expert.

I mean she was paid almost a third of a million dollars per year and is an accomplished successful career woman with experience in health care. Her input would be welcomed I would assume.

Why so quiet ?

Jeff Carlson

Let's Rename the Public Option to Co-Op And

And see if that will fly ...

After all we don't have any non-profit health insurance companies today.

From the Alliance for Advancing NON-Profit Health Care:
"Of the 138 health plans in the US 61% or 84 are non profit and of the 203 million Americans enrolled in these plans 48% or 97 million are in non-profit plans."

oops ...
Obama wants insurance companies to cover what they already cover in most states (mammograms)
Obama wants to prevent insurance companies from dropping you after you get sick (they can't by state and federal laws)
Obama wants to be sure that you get the blue pill instead of the red pill (something that every private plan does already, they are after all trying to be efficient. Its the government plans that buy the brand names..)

Looks like a big con to me. He's trying to get you to buy what you already have at the expense of getting less than you currently have.

Jeff Carlson


Why I Can't Be a Democrat ...

Lately I have been trying to examine why it is that I have never considered becoming a Democrat and I think I have hit on the reason.

When I look at various Democrat policies I find them very appealing on a personal level.
If I was a minimum wage worker I would love a "raise" in the minimum wage.
If I was someone who was without health insurance I would love to be able to buy insurance after I got sick.
If I was a middle class worker I would love the idea of high taxes on the rich.

It occurs to me that the appeal of the policies of the Democrats only work on a personal level. When applied to the country as a whole there are foreseeable negative consequences that outweigh the apparent positives. Unfortunately as individuals it is often difficult to see the forest from the trees.

Thomas Sowell says that politicians are always promising to solve problems for us that they can't actually solve. They promise the impossible, we elect them, they fail, they blame someone or something else and again promise to solve the impossible, again.

My political policy preferences are driven by my own real world experiences or the experiences that I have knowledge of. None of the Democrats major policy goals will work in the real world and have actually failed whenever they have been enacted at the local, state or federal level. Yet Democrats keep getting elected and keep lying about what they can solve.

How about they let me solve my own problems.

Jeff Carlson

Whole Foods Boycott

Earlier this week I posted about Whole Foods CEO and his Op-Ed in the WSJ.

The Whole Foods Way

Turns out some folks want to boycott Whole Foods for his opposition to the Won.

Turns out that liberals only are pro-choice when it comes to abortion. When it comes to smoking, health care, guns or free speech they are decidedly not pro choice.

Hypocrites ....

Jeff Carlson

The Top 5 ObamaCare Lies ...

46 million Uninsured Americans
- this number includes illegal aliens, poor folks eligible for Medicare who have not signed up, people on Medicare or Medicaid who misreported to the government and healthy people who choose not to buy insurance. Everyone has access to health care, nobody is turned away with a serious illness. The real number is closer to 15 million. Yes, get really sick and you could go bankrupt. Still better than dead.

The Public Option Will Increase Competition - just like it did for Fannie and Freddie competitors, Amtrak and the post office.

Preventive Medicine Saves Money - look up the studies, they all say no. So does the CBO. This is not a reason not to do Preventive Medicine its just not a way to find new money to finance ObamaCare.

Bending The Cost Curve Down Will Not Lead To Rationing - if we spend more we'll save money, right ???

Special Interests Are Resisting Reform - turns out that all of the special interests are working WITH Obama on this.

I don't provide links because if you don't believe me please go research it yourself, you'll find the truth. If you don't believe me and don't go research it yourself you were never looking for the truth anyway and are just an Obama drone. If you do believe you should STILL go look it up for yourself. Don't trust me any more than you should trust Obama.

I call them lies because Obama knows they are not true and repeats them anyway.

Jeff Carlson

Gun Control Is Hitting Your Target

NY City Version ...

I used to live at 123rd street between Maxlcom X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The first Saturday after moving there police had a shoot out with a prison guard after he shot is ex-girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend several blocks away. They chased him several blocks and cornered him in front of the brownstone where we rented an apartment. We awoke to 9mm gun fire outside our first floor bedroom windows and 30 seconds later the police were pounding on our front door (we had a separate entrance) checking to be sure we were unharmed. Apparently the guy refused to drop his gun and raised it towards the half dozen officers that had cornered him. We were trapped in our apartment for the next 4 hours while the dead body lay outside our front gate on the sidewalk.

Welcome to Harlem :)

(Actually this was a random event that could have occurred anywhere or at least wherever the ex-girlfriend lived, he came looking for her.)

Jeff Carlson

On Health Care, a Populist Revolt

On Health Care, a Populist Revolt by Rich Lowry on National Review Online

The special interests are in bed with Obama. Obama is the corporate shill in this case.

Jeff Carlson

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The Swiftboat Metaphor

The Swiftboat Metaphor by Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO ...

To quote Mr. Ponnuru, "I think the parallel holds up. A mixture of true, false, and partly-true-but-hyperbolic claims are being made against a liberal cause, and liberals are for the most part using the false criticisms to avoid dealing with the valid ones."

He of course never details the false claims made by the SwiftBoat veterans. That may be because they were no claims proven false. Hyperbolic claims maybe but none were proven false and plenty of them were proven true. This is simply accepting that Swiftboating is a smear and that is lazy BS that should never appear in NRO.

Choosing the Target

Choosing the Target by Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO

good article on the Individual Mandate ...

My one push back would be that 250 million plus people are worried about the Public Option and maybe 10 million healthy 20 somethings are worried about the Individual Mandate. Money may be best spent going after the Public Option.

Jeff Carlson

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Is Dissent Still Patriotic ? - Penn Jillette

Warning *** Salty Language ***

Hat tip: Instapundit

Jeff Carlson

The Obamacare Logo

I see dead people or maybe something else ...

Jeff Carlson

Stossel Explains The Health Care Rent Seekers

Big Business Goes Big for Health-Care Reform by John Stossel at TownHall ...

As always a very illuminating article by Mr. Stossel. Seems like there are "special interests" involved in this debate, and they are on Obama's side.

Jeff Carlson

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Toomey vs Specter

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Senate Election

Isn't this alittle like Red on Red ... or maybe Red on Purple ... Isn't Specter an Independent now ? Who can keep track ...

Jeff Carlson
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Obama's Ignorance

President Obama seems to believe that doctors only care about things they can charge their patients for. He implies that if we only paid doctors more for preventative advice they would make sure we lived healthier lifestyles.

I have been to several doctors over the last couple of years, a colon guy, a dermatologist, 3 heart care specialists, several ER doctors and several hospital on staff docs during a hospital stay.

I am of average build, not thin but certainly not overweight. In every single case one of the first thing I was asked upon meeting each doctor for the first time was, "Do you smoke ?". I'm sure if I was a plus size they also would have asked about my diet and exercise. Before I quit, believe me when I say that, I was harangued by every doctor about it, badgered in fact.

After stopping the response I get when I say I used to smoke is always, "How long ago did you stop and how long did you smoke?". None of these men and women got paid one thin dime more for asking and advising me about quitting smoking.

President Obama's ignorance about how people are treated by doctors is simply amazing. He is educated but ignorant. I'm certain every doctor he has ever seen in the last 20 years has asked him to stop smoking, which he has been unable to do.

Seems like it really doesn't have anything to do with your doctor does it Mr. President.

Let Them Eat Cake ...

Eyes on the Real Prize by Jim Geraghty on National Review Online

If any enterprising reports manage to ask these Congressmen if they are willing to vote yes even if it costs them the next election I wonder how their constituents would react ?

Jeff Carlson

Surgeons Are Not Amused

In The Altantic a press release from the American College of Surgeons ...

Its amazing the number of things this supposedly smart man says that are absolutely false and wrong. Educated but ignorant.

Jeff Carlson


Hot Air Fact Checks Obama

At Hot Air they go into some of the whoppers covered by USA Today.

Seems everyone missed the "drop you if you are sick" promise that is already covered by State and Federal laws. (hint: they can't drop you.) Note my earlier post about the NRO post on the subject.

Jeff Carlson

Redundant Medical Tests ? How About Redundant Laws ...

Obama: 'We're Going to Require Insurers to Cover What They Already Cover' - John R. Graham - Critical Condition on National Review Online

Obama is promising to fix problems that don't exist.

Some people might start to think its all a con job. Not me of course, but some people ... the "fishy" ones ...

Jeff Carlson

The Whole Foods Way

This article in the WSJ by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is well worth a read.

Jeff Carlson


President Two Face Janus

Remember last year when Obama attacked Hillary's health care proposal because it had mandates that everyone have insurance ? This year its peachy to have said mandates ...

Remember last year when Obama attacked McCain about his health coverage tax credit ? This year of course its under consideration ...

Obama is a bigger liar than Bill Clinton ever was and actually thinks nobody is catching on to him ...

Jeff Carlson

Krauthammer's Take - Andy McCarthy

Re: Krauthammer's Take - Andy McCarthy - The Corner on National Review Online

Mr. McCarthy has it exactly right. Now is not the time for timid behavior. Now is the time to make sure your congressman knows that you want him or her to vote No on the current crop of Health Care bills before Congress.
Right now a high percentage of Americans don't want this. If the Democrats continue to focus on the protestors and not on selling their health care scam then those percentages won't improve no matter how much cover the MSM gives them.

If you are voting in Sept. 2009 for a bill that 60 - 75% of your constituents oppose you are going to be in deep trouble come Nov 2010 and I don't see very many congressman with that much courage.

Jeff Carlson


Another Intellectual Better Takes Palin to Task ...

Palin's Comments on Death Boards Mr. Smith at NRO ...

Mr. Smith writes, "True, Palin would be a more effective critic of Obamacare if she didn't write like a college-student blogger. But her concerns are legitimate and substantive. And that shouldn't be lost in the criticism of her lexicon."

Wow ... Mr. Smith you really are an intellectual blowhard.

If you really think that you and your "lexicon" are the better messengers for conservative ideas then its easy to understand why we have lost the last 2 election cycles. Your professional and non-hyperbolic language gets beaten every time by the thugs on the left because they don't fight fair and you can't fight at all.

You have been in a leadership position tasked with getting the message out and yet we conservatives have gotten beaten badly. Guess what, you lost, twice. Maybe you don't know what you are talking about. Just a thought ...

Jeff Carlson

African American Ken Gladney Attacked by White Racist Thugs

The MSM can't seem to report this ... I wonder why ?

Have You Heard Ken Gladney's Story?

Jeff Carlson

Real Reforms vs Obama's Fake Reforms

Real Reforms in Health Care would be:

  • Tort Reform (reduces costs)
  • Medicare and Medicaid Reform (reduces costs)
  • Mandate Reform (reduces costs, increases choices for consumers)
  • Insurance Portability (reduces pre-existing condition issues, expands coverage for self employed and reduces costs)
Obama's reforms do none of these things and in fact make some things worse.

Jeff Carlson

Tone and Strategy

Tone and Strategy by Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO ...

Except that the Dems are not debating with a reasonable tone and strategy, they are lying about their bills, lying about their goals and making back room deals (which they will welsh on anyway).

Jeff Carlson

Who's Behind the Internet Snitch Brigade?

From Michelle Malkin Who's Behind the Internet Snitch Brigade? - HUMAN EVENTS

I keep sending all my Viagra and Herbal remedy emails to the White House ...

Jeff Carlson

Moron Congressman ...

Hat Tip: Boortz

This is an elected representative ... What an jacka** ...

Jeff Carlson

The End of Private Health Insurance

Bumped and updated ... Hat Tip: PowerLine

Updated and bumped Aug 5th:

Reason has their own response:

Jeff Carlson

I See Dead People ...

The Gormogons: It's All About Me!

Do those folks look like ghosts ? Its like the Army of the Dead from the Return of the King.

Jeff Carlson

Debate With ANY Administration ? Not According to Pelosi or Obama

Hillary Clinton, Right Wing Mob Leader ...

Jeff Carlson

A Better Plan

A Better Plan by Charles Krauthammer in the WaPo ...

As usual a great read from Mr. Krauthammer.

Jeff Carlson


If Obama Invites You To Dinner ...

What Did The White House Know About the PhRMA Deal? from Jake Tapper of ABC News.

As Jim Geraghty at NRO says, "All Obama Promises Come With An Expiration Date". Looks like the drug company deal just reached its expiration date. Hello back, let me introduce you the Obama knife.

Always be aware that when Obama invites you to dinner you can never be sure whether you'll be his guest or the meal.

Jeff Carlson

Public is Resisting Obama's Liberal Agenda

Public is Resisting Obama's Liberal Agenda by Victor Davis Hanson ...

Obama tried to pull the bait and switch but was too slow on the switch. America has caught on to his lies just in time.

Jeff Carlson

Organizing for America ? More like Lying to America

Recieved the following from Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America ....

"As you've probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it's getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can't let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand."

Looks like the MSM and the Democrats are coordinating their attack on ordinary Americans by labeling protestors as "partisan mobs" who are "stirred up" by "special interest attack groups" with "lies about heath reform".

The only folks I've seen lie about health care reform have the Democrats and Obama.

Jeff Carlson


Hail The WON ... Single Payer Con Man

To quote our great leader;

“I don’t want the folks who created the mess do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”

What mess is he talking about ? And who are these folks he's talking about ? Seems like the folks he means are the townhall protestors who are ordinary citizens. As far as the mess I guess he means health care but that is not currently a mess by any definition imaginable. In the future Medicare will certainly be a mess but nothing he is proposing will help that problem. So what mess is he talking about ?

I think he's just trying to say SHUT THE F**K UP AMERICA ...

Well, right back at ya Mr. President ...

Jeff Carlson

Democrats Fear Is Showing on Health Care

Democrats Fear Is Showing on Health Care by Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online

Turns out it's Obama who doesn't have a clue how to organize his health care takeover. Given that he was actually a failure as a Community Organizer I'm not suprised.

Jeff Carlson


Punch Back Twice as Hard ?

Obama is trying to rally his thugs to,"Punch Back Twice as Hard" at future townhalls. One problem with that. His Union supporters have no dog in this fight on a personal level. Their heath care coverage won't change either way so they have no personal reason to show up. Supporting BHO will only draw a small percentage.

Jeff Carlson

Fun with Employment Numbers

Julys unemployment rate was dropped to 9.4 % ...

This is how that happened ...

Non-farm payroll jobs lost 247,000 jobs ...
Construction jobs lost 76,000 jobs ...

The number of workers dropped from 154,926,000 in June to 154,504,000 in July ... What happened did some folks pass away ?

Numbers of workers no longer looking for work 796,000 ... Wow, so if I stop looking for work I'm NOT unemployed !!! That must be that new math.

July unemployed 14,500,000 ... Adding the 796,000 to the 14,500,000 we get 15,296,000 unemployed out of 154,504,000 for a rate of 9.9 % ... gee that looks alot worse than the 9.4% reported ...

This is a one time fudge out to inflate the July numbers. I can almost guarantee that the Obama administration pressured someone to do this.

Jeff Carlson

Top Seller in Cash for Clunkers Program is SUV !!!

Trucks win in Cash for Clunkers game

Turns out that the 2 of the top 3 sellers in the CFC programs are the Ford Escape and the Jeep Patriot. Apparently because vehicles like the Escape and the Patriot have multiple models the government counts each model separately. Damn lies and statistics again. The Ford F-150, a full sized truck, comes in 5th.

So let me get this straight, just looking at the top 10 vehicles, the Cash for Clunkers program is
boosting the sales of Ford (4), Honda (1), GM (3), Jeep (1), Dodge (1) and Toyota (1).

By my count taxpayer owned companies are seeing 50% of the sales, foreign companies are
seeing 20% and Ford is getting 40%.

Actually in the world of government efficiency I'd say the 50% payback is probably as good as
we can expect.

Jeff Carlson

Falling Temperatures Confound Alarmists

This article is a perfect example of the stubbornness of the Natural Variation Deniers.

Natural Variation Deniers refuse to recognize that natural variation causes global warming
and cooling.

Jeff Carlson

Obamacare's Fatal Flaw

An excellent article in Time by Ramesh Ponnuru of NRO fame ...

Obamacare's Fatal Flaw

He points out that Obama keeps claiming that if you like the status quo, i.e. your doctor / coverage, you won't have to change it. But then Obama goes out and says the status quo has to change. Thats not the Joker but Two-Face or for you old schoolers Janus.

Jeff Carlson


John Hughes RIP

I always loved Uncle Buck and of course Ferris Buellers Day Off.

Via NRO a short story by Mr. Hughes that was the inspiration for the Vacation movies.

Jeff Carlson

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I wish you, your wife and your children health and happiness in the years ahead. I can't wait for your next book to be released and hope that you'll consider starting to write it as soon as possible. In fact I would hope you would just stop trying to take over the health care industry and forget trying to destroy US industry with the cap and tax nonsense and focus on your writing. We all know you are good at it and it pains me to see your writing talents wasted on all those speeches where you have to lie about your plans and goals.

Some of your supporters seem to think people like me would like to harm you in some way. Please explain to them that I would never wish any injury to befall you sir, you are my President. You are also an ignorant fool so I do hope you manage to humiliate yourself without making the US look too stupid for having elected you. Hopefully our enemies won't be able to take advantage of your inexperience and bring harm to American interests or its citizens.

Jeff Carlson


Cash for Clunker Numbers

Based on the data here at Edmunds ...

I find there are 360 foreign manufacturer models and 236 domestic manufacturer models. What a great deal for the competitors of our taxpayer owned car companies. Great to see the greening of America will destroy Detroit.

Oh, thats right, thats the goal of the AGW crowd isn't it.

Jeff Carlson

Sign Up to Attend a Health Care Event

I would urge everyone to signup here for a local event and attend and voice your concerns about Obama's single payer government option rationed health care proposal.

Jeff Carlson

Why The Press Can't Sell ObamaCare Like They Sold Obama

There are several reasons the press will not be able to sell the American people ObamaCare like they sold us Obama himself.

In the case of Obama the press was able to control your lying eyes.

How many people actually saw the Rev Wright and his racist and anti-semitic tirades ? When people asked who Obama was the press was ready willing and able to say Obama was whatever they wanted him to be. They ignored or hid any facts, statements or Obama votes on dozens of subjects if they were not flattering of the candidate Obama's particular stance that particular day.

In the case of ObamaCare people already know what they have for health care and the great majority don't want it changed.

The press can go on and on about the 47 million BS number but if you have insurance you really don't care. Obama doesn't help his case when he starts out saying, "If you like your coverage, you'll get to keep it". That is like a GPS salesman starting out his sales pitch by saying, "This will not disable your car or make you drive out of the way to get to your destination". Everyones natural reaction to this is to pull back and ask "Why are you telling me something I would never have assumed in the first place."

Given that almost 50% of American now thinks Obama can't be trusted to keep his word its no wonder the press is having a tough time selling this clunker.

Its also difficult to pitch the idea that we will expand coverage for an additional 47 (bs) million people for less money than we spend today. It is also very difficult for the press to pitch with a straight face that we will spend more than we spend today but we won't have to tax anyone but the "evil rich" to pay for it.

Finally our lying eyes have seen what Obama said in the past and the weak tea response from the White House shows they don't have an answer and just hope it goes away. One national ad with that You Tube clip would be the end of this entire debate.

Jeff Carlson

Cash for Clunkers is Worse Than You Think

The Cash for Clunkers program (CFC) which gives you $4,500 to turn in your old working car to buy a brand new working car is actually more expensive than you think.

To start with the US Government owns a big portion of GM and Chrysler so it would seem like a good idea to stimulate sales of GM and Chrysler cars. The problem arises with the fact that in the CFC program you can buy a car from anybody. Of the 222,000 CFC participants from last week I assume a good percentage bought new cars from Asian or European car companies. So the actual cost to the US taxpayers of helping the US owned car companies would be more like $6,000 to $9,000 per US car.

Jeff Carlson

The White House Needs Your Help

I feel it is everyones patriotic responsibility to send any questionable medical claims to the new White House email address at: flag@whitehouse.gov

I am forwarding every Viagra, Nurses Wanted and Herbal Remedy email I get over right away. Some of those look very fishy to me.

Jeff Carlson


Bill Whittle Talks About Sarah Palin

Watch Bill on Afterburner

If you haven't read Whittles written work you are really missing some great stuff at Eject! Eject! Eject!

I highly recommend some of his old essays ... Rafts and Tribes ... I will track them down and provide links at some point today ...

Jeff Carlson

The Obama World Apology Tour

Excellent article from by Oleg Atbashian at Pajamas Media ...

a great quote:

"To blame the hot spots on the U.S. presence would be as insane as to blame fires on firefighters because their trucks are always at the scene."

read the whole thing ...

Jeff Carlson

Launch Your Own Satellite

Interorbital is offering an $8,000 diy kit.

If you and I can launch a half pound into near earth orbit imagine how easily Iran will be able to lob one of their shiny new nukes on a ballistic path to a neighborhood near you.

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Jeff Carlson


Ted Kennedy, Coward of the Senate

The first time the moment of truth came for Ted Kennedy he failed to rise to the occasion and call for help or report the accident to the police. Then later in the evening when friends begged him to call the police he again failed to rise to the occasion. Finally, after sleeping, he still refused to report the accident. Ted Kennedy was and is a coward of a man. My hope is that on the worst days he has ahead of him he remembers that Mary Jo is looking down from heaven and not smiling at his suffering because she knows that the devil will be looking up and smiling in anticipation of Ted joining the rest of the scum in hell.

Jeff Carlson