Health Care Debate Thoughts

I hear pro-obamacare folks talk about the people being forced into bankruptcy because of medical costs. In every case I've heard they all have one thing in common, THEY ARE ALL ALIVE. They are now broke but alive. In most other countries of the world, including Canada and Britain they would be dead. Pretty good deal ... alive and currently broke vs. dead.

I've also heard the argument that we need to cover the uninsured and doing so will save us money. First off there is NOBODY IN AMERICA TODAY that can't get medical treatment in nearly any hospital. Guess what, WE ALREADY F**KING PAY for these people with our current health care system. So adding them to an insurance plan won't cost any less.

In fact if you add up the total costs of health insurance premiums and all government programs today you will find that adding millions of healthy 20 somethings under a mandate will increase the total costs to everyone by billions of dollars. 10 million at $300/month = $36 billion a year extra. Guess who benefits, either insurance companies or politicians with the public option. Either way we get screwed ...

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