Does Harsh Interrogation Work ?

To anyone who thinks that harsh interrogation (torture to liberals) can't work I would like to posit a simple example.

Of course if I just wanted you to admit to a crime you didn't commit then of course you'll say whatever it takes to make it stop. So harsh methods will certainly "get" a confession from you. But a confession is not what I want. I want your atm pin code. I know you have one.

I'll bet that if you give me 2 days I can get you to give up the pin code to your atm card.

You may think that you can just lie about it at first. But when I come back after going to the atm with your card (you'll still be tied up :) I'll be alittle more "forceful". We'll continue this until you break.

So in the end I'll have your pin code.

Substitute pin code for some other valuable information that a terrorist will certainly have. No matter what he tells you you can check it out and verify the truthfulness of it. Lying does not make it stop. Oh no, lying actually can make things much worse.

So for all of you "torture never works" deep thinkers, I think you don't know what you are talking about.

Fyi, I won't need to lay a finger on you to get the pin code. On a terrorist on the other hand I might use a couple of fingers.

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