Happy Birthday Mr. President

I wish you, your wife and your children health and happiness in the years ahead. I can't wait for your next book to be released and hope that you'll consider starting to write it as soon as possible. In fact I would hope you would just stop trying to take over the health care industry and forget trying to destroy US industry with the cap and tax nonsense and focus on your writing. We all know you are good at it and it pains me to see your writing talents wasted on all those speeches where you have to lie about your plans and goals.

Some of your supporters seem to think people like me would like to harm you in some way. Please explain to them that I would never wish any injury to befall you sir, you are my President. You are also an ignorant fool so I do hope you manage to humiliate yourself without making the US look too stupid for having elected you. Hopefully our enemies won't be able to take advantage of your inexperience and bring harm to American interests or its citizens.

Jeff Carlson

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