Let's Rename the Public Option to Co-Op And

And see if that will fly ...

After all we don't have any non-profit health insurance companies today.

From the Alliance for Advancing NON-Profit Health Care:
"Of the 138 health plans in the US 61% or 84 are non profit and of the 203 million Americans enrolled in these plans 48% or 97 million are in non-profit plans."

oops ...
Obama wants insurance companies to cover what they already cover in most states (mammograms)
Obama wants to prevent insurance companies from dropping you after you get sick (they can't by state and federal laws)
Obama wants to be sure that you get the blue pill instead of the red pill (something that every private plan does already, they are after all trying to be efficient. Its the government plans that buy the brand names..)

Looks like a big con to me. He's trying to get you to buy what you already have at the expense of getting less than you currently have.

Jeff Carlson

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