Obama's Ignorance

President Obama seems to believe that doctors only care about things they can charge their patients for. He implies that if we only paid doctors more for preventative advice they would make sure we lived healthier lifestyles.

I have been to several doctors over the last couple of years, a colon guy, a dermatologist, 3 heart care specialists, several ER doctors and several hospital on staff docs during a hospital stay.

I am of average build, not thin but certainly not overweight. In every single case one of the first thing I was asked upon meeting each doctor for the first time was, "Do you smoke ?". I'm sure if I was a plus size they also would have asked about my diet and exercise. Before I quit, believe me when I say that, I was harangued by every doctor about it, badgered in fact.

After stopping the response I get when I say I used to smoke is always, "How long ago did you stop and how long did you smoke?". None of these men and women got paid one thin dime more for asking and advising me about quitting smoking.

President Obama's ignorance about how people are treated by doctors is simply amazing. He is educated but ignorant. I'm certain every doctor he has ever seen in the last 20 years has asked him to stop smoking, which he has been unable to do.

Seems like it really doesn't have anything to do with your doctor does it Mr. President.

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