The NRO Foot Stompers

Well, the supposed adults over at NRO are wearing out their shoes stomping their feet about the budget deal.  They don't like it because it's not "big" enough.  Of course what is big enough ?  Most of them don't say.  Maybe the 61 billion of HR 1 would have been enough ?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure ...

No matter what its size, 365 million or 61 billion, its not going to solve the long term defecit problems.  They know it and yet they insist on shooting the GOP leadership in the back to make their point.  And their point ?  Who knows ...  They are unhappy so I guess their point is they are unhappy ...  stomp ...  stomp ... stomp

NRO has turned into a bunch of stuff shirted intellectuals who are increasingly disconnected from the real world and who frankly don't deserve to remain leaders in the conservative media.

If you want the mantle of media leaders then get on a train, go down to DC and meet with GOP leadership.  Look these men in the face and decide if they are as shallow and spinless as your writers seem to think they are.  Otherwise you look like a bunch of Calvin Klien Custers willing to charge into the Little Big Horn, or should I say willing to tell the GOP leadership to make that charge but never having to actually live with the consequences of that strategy.

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