Yes, we certainly could and can absorb another 9/11 sized attack but I wonder if Obama understands what that could unleash in America ?
Up until now we have released the lean, mean dogs of war against the terrorists.  What we have not done is deal with their state sponsors in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria or unleash our big dogs or war.
Another attack could easily cause Americans to demand that our government take on the puppet masters of terror and that would mean letting the big dogs of war off the leash.

People talk about the terrorists like they are the crazy ones.

Well, just put this in your pipe and smoke it ...  America is the only country to use nuclear weapons.  Not only did we drop them but we hit civilian targets, twice, days apart.  That means we dropped the second bomb AFTER we saw what the first one did.

Now does that sound like a country that you want to keep fucking with ?  They think our (weak) humanity keeps us from ever unleashing our military might down on those that would harm us.

Keep thinking that and the day will come that America will show you what the wrath of God really is.

No, I'm not say we would ever use nuclear weapons again.  We don't have to ...  A dozen MOAB's will reduce any city in the world to gravel.

We wouldn't go all in right away of course.  We would work up to it over weeks, months or even years.   Push us too far and ignore our escalating response at your own peril. 

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