The Political Color Pundits of the Right

Much of commentary on Right lately feels alot like the color man of a baseball broadcast trying to show just how smart he is.  Lots of statistics, lots of "inside scoops" from anonymous "staffers" on the hill.  Wow, you guys have contacts in the know.

What I'm not seeing enough of is ideas to beat Obamacare.  THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT.  These "pundits" seem to be more interested in playing games because apparently they can't stay focused on the task at hand.

This Red on Red fragging going on at too many of the right side of the blogosphere is simply nonsense on stilts and needs to stop.

Who gives a damn who is or isn't going to CPAC ?

We need millions of people to get out to the polls in November to stop Obama and all you guys can write about is who is attending CPAC ?

See, now you've made me waste 30 minutes and a blog post ...

Of course nobody reads my blog so it doesn't make one bit of difference.  

What excuse does AmSpec or Dan Riehl have for fixating on Palin and CPAC ?

Great leadership guys ...  great ...

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