A Belated Movie Review of Aliens, the movie ...

Ok, its not really a review, more of a list of questions ...  let's get started ....

1) Look at the size of that spaceship ...  HUGE ...  with no crew ???  That's right, no crew.  How does that make sense ?  Nobody to help out from space in case you run into trouble down on the planet.  What could go wrong ?

2) They know there were 125 colonists.  Ripley has told them them use humans as hosts.  So they have to assume there are 125 aliens at the location.  So why would the company and the military send a dozen Marines ?  A dozen ???  Really showing alittle too much confidence in those jarheads I'd say.  What, not enough room in that ginormace spaceship ?

3)  They know from Ripley that these beasts have acid for blood.  So what sort of ammunition would you choose to shoot into big bags of acid ?  EXPLODING ROUNDS of course.  Why would you want to use simple bullets ? 

4) The Marines body armor ???   Did they expect the aliens to shoot stuff at them ?  Of course the stuff was USELESS against acid.  Nothing like matching your equipment to the job at hand.  (also see #3 above)

and finally ...

5)  What's up with the sleep chambers ?  Is the trip that long ?  I mean wouldn't it have to be years long to make putting you too sleep worth it ?  Do you really need to sleep thru a 2 week trip ?  A trip that you'll be going into a potential big gun fight at the end of ?

The Ghost

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