The Obama HeathCare Summit ...

Many pundits on the right are calling for a boycott of the summit. 

What are they afraid of ?  That Obama will be able to shoot down the GOP's heath care ideas with another rethorical florish and a wave of his hand ?

He has been giving speeches for this last year doing just that and look where it has gotten him.  Its is a myth that he can talk his way out of anything.  Reality doesn't work like that.

Guess who else will be talking at this summit ?  Harry and Nancy.  Obama may be smooth but those two are simply not up to the task.  Could we ask for a better source of campaign ads for November ?

I would love to see how Obama shoots down three of the basic GOP ideas.

1) Tort reform

2) Portability - i.e. across state lines

3) Ownership - you own the policy, not your employer

If he can manage to come up with a valid reason that these reforms should not be considered then let him.  I'm not afraid of an open debate on those ideas because they are market driven and everyone in America understands them farily clearly.

Obama may try but in the past his arguments have always been based on faulty assumptions that Americans see right thru and I don't expect he'll have better ones this time around.

If Obama won the GOP gathering Q&A then why are his polls still trending down ?  He may have won that days battle but all he did was box himself into a corner.  His deeds and the deeds of Harry and Nancy never match his words.  The more words he puts out the more chances to show his deeds not matching up.

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