Kathleen Sebelius Op-Ed is Propaganda

This Op-Ed byKathleen Sebelius is nothing but a fluff piece full of half truths and outright lies.

Her three main points:

"First, to provide Americans with more affordable choices, we’ll set up a marketplace where you can compare plans and pick the one that’s right for you. None of the plans would be allowed to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition. And one of the options should be a public plan that would increase competition and keep private insurance companies honest.

Second, we have to align incentives for doctors and hospitals so that they’re rewarded based on the quality of care they provide, not on how many tests or procedures they prescribe.

Third, we need to move from a sickness system to a wellness system. By investing in prevention and emphasizing healthy lifestyles, we can save money while improving health."

#1 by forcing insurance companies to cover everyone will raise premiums. Forcing everyone into one-size fits all plans will raise premiums. The reason you can't shop for competing plans today is because of government intervention and mandates, not because of dishonest insurance companies.

#2 If you pay for your own health care you already make sure your health care providers do a good job. Its only in third party payer system, like insurance or Obamacare where this problem occurs and nothing proposed will help that unless you end up rationing or mandating treatments.

#3 It has been shown in countless studies that disease prevention measures don't save money. In fact quite often they are shown to cost more.

This is yet another partisan hack pushing a socialist agenda for Obama.

Jeff Carlson

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