With Support Like This Who Needs Enemies

When I hear the Defeaticrats claim yet again that they "support the troops" I can't help but compare their "support" of our troops with their support of some of their other causes.
Do they support the troops like they support the right to abortion ? Do they support the troops like they support racial diversity/discrimination programs at colleges ? Do they support the War on Terror like they support the War on Poverty ?


Can you imagine their kind of "support" for a cancer patient ?
Gee, I really hope you get better but I can't help but notice that you look like hell today. You say you feel much better and can't wait to start that new round of treatment ...
I'm sorry but I have to speak the "truth to power" yet again. You do know some people still don't survive even with this new treatment. Don't you think it would be better to just quit now while I don't have to feel bad about the consequences of you fighting your illness ?

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