The Firing of America

Guess who has presided over 73.9 MILLION people being fired ?

That would be Presentdent Obama. Since he assumed the Presidency 73.9 million people have been fired in America.


The Trump Media Strategy

Based on what I've seen from Trump by watching him for over 20 years this is what I think he is up to ... This is the strategy not the motivation ...

Trump wanted to draw Obama into a media debate, i.e. Trumps puts out a statement, Obama responds ...

He had a bunch of subjects to choose from to try and start the debate ...

The economy
The deficit
Gas prices
Birth Certificate

I think he guessed that he would be ignored on the first 4 by the White House but he knew he could stir up alot of media coverage on the last item ...

He started out by saying he thought Obama was born in the US but kept wondering if something damaging was on the certificate ...

He then released his certificate of live birth for himself and waited ...

The MSM jumped on him, saying, see, you released the same thing as Obama ...

He then sprung the first trap and released his birth certificate ...  to highlight that there was a difference, knowing that he would score alot of points with this stunt ...

All along he wanted to debate Obama on the first 4 issues but he first had to get Obama to respond and join the debate ...

Now he has Obama in the arena ... 

Now Trump gets to pick the next subject ...  and bait Obama yet again ...  I suspect he'll mix in the deficit with the college transcript issue ...

That way he gets to try and force Obama to respond to either:

1) the serious deficit issue or
2) the much less serious transcript issue ...

Trump 1, Obama 0


The NRO Foot Stompers

Well, the supposed adults over at NRO are wearing out their shoes stomping their feet about the budget deal.  They don't like it because it's not "big" enough.  Of course what is big enough ?  Most of them don't say.  Maybe the 61 billion of HR 1 would have been enough ?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure ...

No matter what its size, 365 million or 61 billion, its not going to solve the long term defecit problems.  They know it and yet they insist on shooting the GOP leadership in the back to make their point.  And their point ?  Who knows ...  They are unhappy so I guess their point is they are unhappy ...  stomp ...  stomp ... stomp

NRO has turned into a bunch of stuff shirted intellectuals who are increasingly disconnected from the real world and who frankly don't deserve to remain leaders in the conservative media.

If you want the mantle of media leaders then get on a train, go down to DC and meet with GOP leadership.  Look these men in the face and decide if they are as shallow and spinless as your writers seem to think they are.  Otherwise you look like a bunch of Calvin Klien Custers willing to charge into the Little Big Horn, or should I say willing to tell the GOP leadership to make that charge but never having to actually live with the consequences of that strategy.



Yes, we certainly could and can absorb another 9/11 sized attack but I wonder if Obama understands what that could unleash in America ?
Up until now we have released the lean, mean dogs of war against the terrorists.  What we have not done is deal with their state sponsors in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria or unleash our big dogs or war.
Another attack could easily cause Americans to demand that our government take on the puppet masters of terror and that would mean letting the big dogs of war off the leash.

People talk about the terrorists like they are the crazy ones.

Well, just put this in your pipe and smoke it ...  America is the only country to use nuclear weapons.  Not only did we drop them but we hit civilian targets, twice, days apart.  That means we dropped the second bomb AFTER we saw what the first one did.

Now does that sound like a country that you want to keep fucking with ?  They think our (weak) humanity keeps us from ever unleashing our military might down on those that would harm us.

Keep thinking that and the day will come that America will show you what the wrath of God really is.

No, I'm not say we would ever use nuclear weapons again.  We don't have to ...  A dozen MOAB's will reduce any city in the world to gravel.

We wouldn't go all in right away of course.  We would work up to it over weeks, months or even years.   Push us too far and ignore our escalating response at your own peril. 


Is Government Spending the Same as Private Spending

Is Government taxing and spending the same thing as private earnings and spending ?

I think not ...  private spending comes from earnings of production which has an inherent feedback loop that destroys the unproductive  ... government spending comes from taxes which are not earnings of production and are not inherently sustainable, like a shark it must keep moving forward or die ...  there is no feedback loop ...

Think about it ...  our current individual (mostly) free market economy activity (I don't call it capitalism as that is a marxist construct used to re-label a free market economy and attack it) is not simply confined to money.  What we see in day to day economic  activity like price discovery and supply and demand also occurs in nearly every facet of our life.  Our freedoms and the choices we make are just other forms of feedback loops.  What to buy, what to do with our non working time, who to associate with, where to live, where to work, what to watch on tv, where to surf on the internet, how much exercise we get, what we eat, what we go to school for and who we try to sleep with, all of these activities involve complex feedback loops.  That is why the government uses the tax code to try and effect social behavior.  They understand the feedback loop and get involved in it.

But Government taxing and spending ?  Does it really have a robust feedback loop ?  Is government spending adjusted by its prior spending and prior results ?  I think not.

Yes, every 2 years we get to vote for the House of Representatives and some of our Senators but is that a real feedback loop ?  The government doesn't behave in a rational way because the people doing the spending are not in the actual feedback loop but we are, and as we have seen lately, even when we scream stop all we get is "talk to the hand".

In a real feedback loop the person expending the asset, be it time, money, affection or attention is the same person that receives the experience and lesson from that expenditure and adjusts future behavior accordingly.

So when private individuals expend their hard earned assets they pay attention because they are in a real feedback loop.  When the government taxes you they have certainly interfered in your feedback loop but unlike a private enterprise that sells you a product for your money and has its own feedback loop the Government has no feedback loop.  The Governments behavior is not adjusted by your behavior because you didn't have a choice in your interaction with it.

This is true of local Government but is even worse for the Feds.  On the "income" side of the ledger they can simply print money  to cover "excess" spending.

The point of this is that some forms of "spending" are different.  Money spent without consequence, i.e. Stimulus, will always fail to work on the feedback loops the private sector works with.


Sending a Message with the Census

Mark Krikorian over at NRO has a great idea ...
Sending a Message with the Census


The Zombies Among Us

Given the proliferation of Zombie books and movies in the market today it got me to thinking what was driving this growing Zombie obession.

I think I have hit upon the reason.  We actually have Zombies among us today.  They move slowly, are very difficult to kill and infect a growing number of heathy people with their disease.

Who are these Zombies ?  Government workers of course.

Just think about it.  They don't act like normal people.  They contribute almost nothing to society and they seem to multiply no matter how many are killed.  People who come into frequent contact with them, welfare recipients mostly, seem to pick up many Zombie like characteristics.

The Zombies Among Us


Stairway to Heaven - Climategate

I've taken data from NASA for temperature station State College Pennsylvania and compared the raw data vs. the adjusted data.

I then charted the resulting adjustment data (see below)

Notice anything strange about this adjustment data ?

There is absolutely no scientific reason for adjustments like this.  UHI adjustments would GROW not shrink over time.  Station moves would cause a steady adjustment from the move point onward.

I think I see the trick here.  They are REDUCING temperature values but because they are adjusting the old data down the most and not touching the most recent data is a tricky way to embed a fake "hockey stick".


O-6bama Has A Beautiful 3 Point Shot ... but ...

O-6bama has been putting up beautiful 3 point shots all year (his speeches about health care) but just can't seem to get one to fall (no poll bounce ever).  The GOP is terrified that eventually one of these shots will get lucky.  But what the GOP and O-6bama don't realize is this.  The rim (reality) is now smaller than the ball.  He can't sink one because his solution won't fit into the real world anymore.  The GOP has nothing to fear from his fake summit.  Let him loft up those elegant speeches as much as he wants.
They will just keep clanking off the rim.


The Obama HeathCare Summit ...

Many pundits on the right are calling for a boycott of the summit. 

What are they afraid of ?  That Obama will be able to shoot down the GOP's heath care ideas with another rethorical florish and a wave of his hand ?

He has been giving speeches for this last year doing just that and look where it has gotten him.  Its is a myth that he can talk his way out of anything.  Reality doesn't work like that.

Guess who else will be talking at this summit ?  Harry and Nancy.  Obama may be smooth but those two are simply not up to the task.  Could we ask for a better source of campaign ads for November ?

I would love to see how Obama shoots down three of the basic GOP ideas.

1) Tort reform

2) Portability - i.e. across state lines

3) Ownership - you own the policy, not your employer

If he can manage to come up with a valid reason that these reforms should not be considered then let him.  I'm not afraid of an open debate on those ideas because they are market driven and everyone in America understands them farily clearly.

Obama may try but in the past his arguments have always been based on faulty assumptions that Americans see right thru and I don't expect he'll have better ones this time around.

If Obama won the GOP gathering Q&A then why are his polls still trending down ?  He may have won that days battle but all he did was box himself into a corner.  His deeds and the deeds of Harry and Nancy never match his words.  The more words he puts out the more chances to show his deeds not matching up.


Obama Assault on the Energy Sector

From the Obama Budget we see the following new taxes on oil and coal.

Oil and Gas

Repeal Credit for Oil and Gas Produced from Marginal Wells - we used to give a tax break to producers to help make pumping oil out of marginal wells profitable.  Now more of those wells will be shut down and our domestic production of oil will drop as a result.

Repeal Expensing of Intangible Drilling Costs - If you run a non oil and gas or coal business and spend money on these same type of expenses you deduct them as business expenses.  Now oil and gas companies will reduce their exploration budgets to a bare minimum because they can't write most of it off.  Less exploration equals less domestic production.

Repeal Domestic Manufacturing Deduction for Oil and Gas Production - Now producing things overseas will be on a level playing field with domestic production.  Should ship a few jobs overseas.


Repeal Expensing of Exploration and Development Costs - If you run a non oil and gas or coal business and spend money on these same type of expenses you deduct them as business expenses. Now oil and gas companies will reduce their exploration budgets to a bare minimum because they can't write most of it off. Less exploration equals less domestic production.

Repeal Domestic Manufacturing Deduction for Coal and Other Hard Mineral Fossil Fuels - Now producing things overseas will be on a level playing field with domestic production. Should ship a few jobs overseas.

I think this is simply Cap 'n Steal in sheeps clothing.  Obama wants to destroy the oil, gas and coal industries and this budget is clear evidence of that. 

Oh by the way, if you buy electricity, gasoline, or natural gas or fuel oil YOU will be paying more so while you are not techinically being taxed it feels just like you are.


Obama's Unclenched Fist

Obama's unclenched fist to the Iranians and Chavez ...

Obama's unclenched fist to the Supreme Court and Republicans ...

Obama at the GOP Summit ...

Always remember when Obama speaks on camera without his telepromter he boxes himself in.   The best lines from the Obama campaign in '08 have become the very things that are killing him today.  The more he promises the more he looks bad in the future.  The more he moderates on camera the more the left goes nuts.

It doesn't matter if Obama looked better than the GOP today.  He made statements and claims that can be checked and re-checked for months to come.  He is a walking contradiction and no matter how well he presents himself eventually that shows thru.


The State of the Unicorn - O-6bama the Great Black Hope

Obama is the like a great farm team player being promoted to the majors.  All the scouts (the MSM) raved about his long ball and opposing pitchers (Clinton, McCain) refused to challenge him.  Now we are late in the game (his first year) and there is no pitching around him. 

So what happens ? 

He steps up to the plate twice (Virginia and New Jersey) and strikes out in 3 pitches.  

Just a couple bad at bats all the pundits proclaim. 

In the field at the bottom half of the inning 2 simple ground balls (Copenhagen x 2) bounce thru his legs for errors. 

Those balls must have hit a rock proclaim the pundits.

Now later in the game with the bases loaded and 2 outs Obama again steps up to the plate (State of the Union/Unicorn).  Everyone just knows Obama will choke up on the bat and punch a single thru the infield to score the winning runs.  Everybody is certain because Obama is such a smart player and he got smoked the last two times up on three straight pitches.

So what does this brilliant player do ?  He must have learned a lesson from his last at bat ?

Three pitches later and three flailing swings later Obama strikes out badly chasing three balls in the dirt.

Gee, maybe those original scouts (the MSM) saw Obama hit some dying quail singles in the minors and thought they saw line drives.  Maybe his fly outs were always against the wind and the scouts were sure he's hit them out of the park in the majors.

All I see is that he is big talking (I've got game) rookie who chokes EVERY SINGLE TIME the pressure has been on him in the majors.  His excuses are all valid reasons for a player not to perform except that no other player has ever had ALL of those things go wrong at the same time in the history of the game. 

It appears he may have gotten his Rookie of the Year picture taken even before the season began and now he'll lucky to finish the season as a starter.

Updated:  O-5bama is now O-6bama (NY KSM trial to move)


The Political Color Pundits of the Right

Much of commentary on Right lately feels alot like the color man of a baseball broadcast trying to show just how smart he is.  Lots of statistics, lots of "inside scoops" from anonymous "staffers" on the hill.  Wow, you guys have contacts in the know.

What I'm not seeing enough of is ideas to beat Obamacare.  THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT.  These "pundits" seem to be more interested in playing games because apparently they can't stay focused on the task at hand.

This Red on Red fragging going on at too many of the right side of the blogosphere is simply nonsense on stilts and needs to stop.

Who gives a damn who is or isn't going to CPAC ?

We need millions of people to get out to the polls in November to stop Obama and all you guys can write about is who is attending CPAC ?

See, now you've made me waste 30 minutes and a blog post ...

Of course nobody reads my blog so it doesn't make one bit of difference.  

What excuse does AmSpec or Dan Riehl have for fixating on Palin and CPAC ?

Great leadership guys ...  great ...